Hi Everyone,

We have been missing you all. We have now arrived back in Sydney and we are trying to bring our flight forward so we can be home in next few days. We have probably been in one of the safest places as no virus on our ship and Australia still at low levels. Have been keeping up to date with the news as that’s all we can get on the tv… news from every country 😕. We have seen how good they have been on our ship with sanitation- you literally can’t go from one room to another without washing hands and constant cleaning … it’s felt quite reassuring.
As most of our group classes are held at hired venues we have had to temporarily close these classes as the venues have closed as a number of hirers use them.

But for the Zig Zag main studio we do have control over hygiene and we have implemented a strict cleansing and sanitation programme
at the studio with regular bleaching and cleaning and we will supervise regular hand washing coming in and out of lessons. Teachers will also be super vigilant avoiding contact, and with their own hand washing and even the dogs are having regular baths! (that’s been a challenge in itself 😬

We will be continually watching government guidelines and for
your piece of mind we will ensure there are no groups exceeding 10 people in the studio.
In line with other dance studios we are continuing to offer private lessons on one to one basis during both the daytime & evenings, and are now offering small group classes for up to 4 couples if you wish to come with a few friends to maintain your fitness & dance skills.

We are hiring the studio for £15 per hour should you wish to use it on your own for practice.
We are also happy to arrange for small groups of up to 4 couples to hire the room for practice time for £5pp. (Especially important for competitive dancers. ) Wombourne Civic Thursday practice sessions are closed for the time being.

Cancelled this Thursday while we regroup as having to move the practice night this week to Showell Lane. Will post our plan shortly about going forward… bear with us!

**Jane’s Beginners, can you please e mail, facebook or call on 01902 897900 to let us know if you are still happy to come to your class at Showell Lane so we can decide whether to continue either on Thursday night or another night**

We are also looking into on-line dance lessons with a live weekly broadcast & will let you know more about this shortly.

We have also been thinking about the kids …. such bad timing with all of their formation comps coming up. Our kids have worked really hard for them too….really hard! This virus situation could go on for months in theory (hopefully not but it’s a possibility) I think that if the kids do nothing for 2,3,4 or more months, all the work they have done will be wasted which would be a massive shame. So we think its a good idea to continue with formation training as long as we adhere to government guidelines and schools stay open so that the kids keep their skills and continue to improve and it also gives them some fun in these worrying times. I can’t imagine them being cooped up for months on end… we will all be crazy by then! We will also be continuing with our children’s Saturday group class (usually at Smestow School)

Please don’t come to a class or lesson if you are ill, have any symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has covid19.

We are trying to get back for Friday but not sure yet. Lots of love to you all, Warren and Jane xxx