Transmission date for the new Baby Ballroom TV series has been released. Episode 1 of 8 will be broadcast on Channel 5 Star on Thursday 27th April at 9.00pm and then repeated on Wednesdays at 8.00pm. Look out for the trailer this week and social media videos promoting it. This is the biggest reality documentary ever made on Ballroom Dancing with 8 hour shows commissioned by Channel 5. It is expected to be a returning series and a further 28 programmes are in the pipeline for series 2 and 3 depending on how this one received so please share and promote this show. I can honestly say that everyone involved has done their best to make this a great programme to try and encourage new people into our dance world. None of us have had any editorial control and none of us have seen the finished product but we are excited and hope it will be a great show. We have tried to make it inspirational and motivational and there is definitely quite a bit of humour in it too! With this being such a big show ive come to understand there has to be some storylines in it, drama, success, disappointment etc otherwise there is no programme. As much as we would like to only have 8 hours of happiness, success, positivity and smiling faces…its not real life like that and would not be interesting to the viewers to only show that side of our dance world. However, be assured that everyone has thrown in every single positive thing we can think of about dancing at every opportunity and im hoping that a lot of that comes over. Channel 5 love it and Firecracker Films are really pleased with the finished product and excited to see it hit the screens and have invested a lot of money and time into it. Its been a huge undertaking at our studio Zigzag Dance Factory and we’ve given it our all..we couldnt do any more than that. To our featured dancers in the show: Andrei Toader & Mia Linnik-Holden, Jamie Miah and Mia Mazzitelli, Max Draper and Olivia King, Grace Williams and Olivia Nordstrom, Jack Webster & Emily Davies, Arjan Barard and Isobel Chance, Lara Webster & Katrina Barard, Sebastian Stackhouse, Savannah Phillips, Kirill Dovzhik & Alicia Phillips and Þorkell Jónsson and India Phillips – you have all been absolutely amazing and we could not have asked for more from you. We hope you have enjoyed this unique journey and enjoy seeing the show. Thanks also to the many other people who have been involved with making this show who are too many to mention. (We will be filming one more scene for episode 8 on Saturday 29th April at Smestow School at our children’s Saturday class should anyone want to come along and be in the final scene.)