Here at Zig Zag Dance Factory we understand that not all of our pupils have the same amount of experience when it comes to our dance classes. Some of us may have been strutting our stuff for years now, whereas others may be just finding their feet on the dance floor!

With this in mind, we have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions below, to help any prospective new dancing partners learn as much as possible before even turning up to their first class. But don’t worry if your questions aren’t answered on this page – Our friendly team are on hand to answer any queries you may have, simply submit an enquiry on our website contact form here and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Everyone is welcome from 4 to 104! We have a mixed age-range in our adult class and cater for all abilities. We specify that children need to be about 4 before they start to dance – when they are old enough to take instruction and know their left from their right! We have adult and children’s classes throughout the West Midlands.
No! We have many singles – both male and female and we always endeavour to find you a partner.
Just normal casual clothes. For men, jeans or trousers and a t-shirt or shirt are fine, for ladies the same applies or a dress or skirt and top. Basically, anything goes but ballgowns and tiaras aren’t needed!
Anything goes but best advice is to wear a normal comfy shoe that stays on your foot if you kick your leg. Trainers tend to grip the floor too much and are a bit clumpy so a shoe that you can slide in is a bit better. Flip flops, boots and wellingtons aren’t great either (yes, we have had them) but no one will say anything to you no matter what you wear.
No. Just turn up whenever you want to
All of our classes are usually busy with a lively, fun atmosphere. We have plenty of teachers and assistants on hand so large numbers aren’t a problem.
NO! Just turn up and pay as you go!
Our classes usually start in September and January but you can join at anytime throughout the year.
Yes! If you feel you would like to catch up we offer private lessons. You can share this lesson with another couple to keep the cost down if you want to.
Yes! We hold medal tests twice a year and hold a fun medal presentation and dance night for you to attend afterwards.
Frequently throughout the year we organise social dances for you to attend. We also arrange themed nights and cabarets.
Yes! We usually hold two Christmas dances every year – one in Wolverhampton and one in Sutton Coldfield.
No! We open bank holidays and throughout the school holidays. The dance classes are closed over Christmas but the private lessons stay open.
Yes! We offer teacher training. We have helped many people who want to teach dancing to qualify.
Come on our Famous dancing cruises for “The Ballroom Dancer’s Ultimate Holiday” where you will receive complementary dance workshops to help improve your dancing.
Please see our Dance Holidays & Cruises menu link on the main site.
Yes! We can help you find that special song and teach you a dance for your special day. Please see our Wedding Dances page here.
Yes! You can buy our ‘Beautiful Ballroom’ and ‘Latin Obsession’ videos and DVDs that teach routines for improvers level. ‘Beautiful Ballroom’ teaches Waltz, Foxtrot & Quickstep and the ‘Latin Obsession’ teaches Cha Cha, Rumba & Jive. They include tips on how to improve technique as well as some new and interesting routines. Also included are clips from many of Warren Bullock’s & Jane Phillips TV appearances for example on Come Dancing and Eurosport. These videos are priced at £20 each plus postage (if applicable) or just £30 plus postage for both. Please contact us with your requirements.
Yes! We sell gift vouchers for any amount – they can either be used at our dance classes, for private lessons or to purchase our videos. Please contact us with your requirements.

Is there anything we haven’t answered above? Let us know, and a member of our team will get back to you!

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